Leeds is the unofficial capital of the north and center of the northern powerhouse. It was voted 3rd best place to invest in the UK (www.propertypriceadvise.co.uk) and has the UKs second largest financial center outside of London. With investments like HS2/HS3, Leeds Southbank and Leeds Docks developments, it is no surprise that Leeds is currently booming and attracting investors from across the globe.

The center of Leeds is the obvious choice for property investments, with the high demand of various types of properties coming from businesses, students and young professionals. However, in recent years, thousands of new homes have been built in the suburbs of Leeds, as housing demands continue to rise. Infrastructure like the M1 & M62 smart motorways, Leeds Bradford Airport and high-speed rail in the near future, makes Leeds easily accessible and an ever expanding city.

At Leeds Property Investments, we use our extensive knowledge of the Leeds area to find property investors, landlords and homeowners the best property yields for their investments. Along with our maintenance services, we can provide an ‘all in one service’ of purchase of housing, renovating, maintaining and finding a tenant all under one roof.

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Case Studies

Case Study 1

June 1, 2019

Sourced for a landlord in Leeds, both these blocks contain 6 x 2 bed flats. Bought for £600,000. Fully refurbished for £50,000 ...

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